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Mar 7, 2012

Craving a Fashion Style With Coral Charlotte Boutique

I'm So Craving a Fashion Piece From Coral Charlotte Boutique

Everyday I'm totally cruising through the Internet searching for some intriguing emerging fashion designers or interesting fashion pieces.

Today I just happened to run across a little New York fashion boutique called Coral Charlotte who specializes in a very laid back CHIC VIBE approach. Offering a unique fashion clothing line and handcrafted jewelry pieces.

But; What caught my I eyes was their handcrafted jewelry pieces. I love the articulate work that is put into each jewelry piece. So detailed.

The reason I so appreciate this is? My 4 year old daughter and I are considering starting a jewelry collection too. And I know how much hard work goes into each handcrafted piece. Really it's an artist
at work...weaving, beading, and twisting each wire through and around each bead or stone.

You really should go over and check out their beautiful online boutique yourself..
Coral - Charlotte Boutique


  1. I once took up beading but, I didn't stick with it. But, I only did it as a hobby. I wish you and your daughter much success with the jewelry line.

  2. Great colors!!Love the look with the blouse and the skirt!!

  3. This is a great fashion blog. I Liked it on facebook and following on twitter too. Tons of fashion information I think is great!


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