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Mar 10, 2012

30 Quaint Fashion Body Jewelry Pieces You Must See

Have You Ever Created a Vintage Fashion Look With LITTER Jewelry Pieces

Yesterday I was watching an episode of Shark Tank. One of the entrepreneurs really stuck out at me. I was really interested in "LITTER" - a San Francisco jewelry designer company.  The sister duo Rachel Mann and Mackenzie Burdick were "pitching their unique head and body jewelry to the sharks. Did you watch episode #305? Quite fascinating.

What was really intriguing; was how they made their body jewelry. Rachel and Mackenzie would search through flea markets and junk shops to find old jewelry pieces that someone else was throwing away, and strip it for parts and pieces to re-create it into spectacular vintage and costume body, head, or ankle jewelry pieces.  Their jewelry pieces are quite unique. Offering fashionable chain shirts, knee straps, face masquerade pieces, thumb holsters and more...I could keep going on and on...

You should just go to LITTER and check out some of their unique jewelry pieces. They have become quite popular. Best wishes Rachel and Mackenzie in your future endeavors with Shark Tank's - Mark Cuban & Kevin O'Leary...May your future be successful...

I would love to here about your fashion style...drop me a line if you like.

shark tank and litter jewelry


  1. Good blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. great working on this blog and also great meterial

  3. Yes, defenitlly!I love vintage pieces, and i have a large collection of such things. Sometimes i make such combination, but most of all i collect them for my future vinatage online shop. This is dream...

  4. These are very creative jewelry. Only creative people could think and make this kind of jewelry. Have you recommended a website that has been selling it online?

    jewelry buyer

  5. I loved your creativity! I loved above jewelries too much. I often use gemstone jewelries and got a necklace of blue topaz beads but I think the above one can be great choice for me as well. I would love to have the above. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  6. Litter jewellery is a surely very unique idea, to complement the vintage look. The creative use of scrap metal, shinny buttons and so on, looks fabulous. It is the new and upcoming trend in the city.


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