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Feb 22, 2012

Craving a Stela9 Chevron Crossbody Bag

Creating a Fashion Look With a Stela9  Crossbody Bag

I'm so craving a Crossbody Bag from Stela9...

I started searching the Internet for a special handcrafted crossbody bag. Something I could just wear casually to the mall or just tote around at the beach.

I found; this beautiful online handbag boutique is inspired by a husband & wife duo. What a duo they are to have created a line of colorful and vibrant handbags. Each handbag is constructed by skilled artisans. What is the most fascinating part of their story; is that a portion of all proceeds is given back to the communities and the skilled artisans that constructed and contributed each handbag.

Stela9 had the handbag I was looking for; a colorful crossbody handbag. Stunning.

Now you ask. What would I wear with my colorful vibrant crossbody bag? I choose a white water dress from Quiksilver, and a pair of Jessica Simpson evangela platform sandals from

I would have to say...I'm ready to go shopping with my BFF'S for a fun, colorful day at the mall. Can't wait to call them!!! Would you wear a fashion look like this? I would love to here about your fashion style...drop me a line if you like.


crossbody bag from Stela9


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